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In this episode (aired on July 30), learn about the climate initiatives of our youth on education, sustainable energy, planetary health, food security, urban mobility, green architecture, women empowerment, green jobs, circular economy, and so on. Listen as to how they are sustaining these initiatives online and innovating ways to advocate and spur ambitious climate action.

Listen to young Climate Reality Leaders, including Ms. Christine Paula Bernasor, Project Manager and Experience Designer from Talisay, Cebu; Mr. Johnny Altomonte, CEO and Founder of Verne Energy Solutions; Dr. Renzo Guinto, Chief Planetary Doctor of PH Lab; Ms. Ruzzel Morales, Committee Chairperson for Environment of the 12th National Youth Parliament; Ms. Jessica Wu, Co-founder of Lesstics; Mr. Carl Alonsagay, Project Liaison Officer of the ClimatEducate Project; and Ms. Hilary Hao, Business Development Associate of AC Infrastructure Holdings Corporation.

Ms. Nazrin Castro, Philippine branch manager of The Climate Reality Project-Philippines joins as co-host. Mr. Ethan Spaner, Director of The Climate Reality Project’s International Program, also joins from The Climate Reality Project’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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