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What is permaculture? Why is saving seeds important, especially in this pandemic? As COVID-19 disrupts our food systems and operations, we know how important it is to have resilient food systems to ensure food supply and availability for our families and communities.

In Episode 7 of the Stories for a Better Normal series aired on July 2, we learn why saving seeds is important in food self-sufficiency and how we can grow food the organic and permaculture way.

Listen to permaculture and seed saving experts and advocates, including Bert Peeters of the Philippine Permaculture Association; Jabez Flores of Permaculture Research PH; Rina Papio of Green Space Pilipinas; Karen Hizola of Global Seed Savers PH; and Dr. Blesilda Calub of the University of the Philippines in Los Baños.

Watch the full episode through our YouTube channel: