The Creation 

The National Panel of Technical Experts (NPTE) was constituted by the Commission to provide technical assistance and advisory services on concerns related to climate science, and technologies; best practices for risk assessment and management; enhancement of adaptive capacity of vulnerable human settlements to potential impacts of climate change; and mitigation policies and measures.

Technical advice/assistance may be in the form of policy recommendations, proposal evaluation, project implementation reviews, scientific reports, and attendance/participation as resource speaker/s to climate change-related forums/conferences/activities.

Currently, the NPTE has 14 appointed members, who are leading experts and/or practitioners in the fields of Earth and Climate Science, Environment and Ecology, Biodiversity, Meteorology, Oceanography, and Health. The scope of work of NPTE members is in accordance with the National Framework Strategy on Climate Change, the National Climate Change Action Plan and other instructions/policies/roadmaps approved by the Commission.