Climate Change Expenditure Tagging (CCET) Orientation

The Climate Change Expenditure Tagging (CCET) Orientation aims to provide clear, concise, and up-to-date information for national government budget officers, planning officers, and climate change technical representatives to obtain an understanding on CCET process as an integral part of the national budget preparation.

The objectives for this orientation are as follows:
• Strengthen the capacity of NGIS to mainstream climate change into their PAPs using CCET typologies;
• Outline basic elements of planning processes to deliver climate action;
• Secure better understanding of the formulation of climate actions and its linkage to the budget and planning process through national strategies and action plans;
• Ensure enhanced compliance with the CCET JMC and the relevant DBM's National and Corporate Budget Memoranda;
• Improve the understanding of roles and responsibilities of institutions involved in managing the Country's response to climate change;
• Guide the participants through the process of tagging and submitting to the CCET Helpdesk climate-tagged programs/activities/projects (P/A/Ps) in the context of national planning and programming process and the rationalized planning process; and
• Provide convergence across NGIS on the implementation of climate change and disaster risk reduction programs/activities/projects (P/A/Ps) through the Risk Resiliency Program.

The orientation aims to strengthen the capacity of budget, planning and environment/climate change officers of the agencies to undertake the CCET.